Tunisian Women Mathematician's Association (TWMA)


Tunisian  Women Mathematician's Association (TWMA created in 2015)

Steering Committee (consisting of 5 Members):

President: Saima Khenissy, Lecturer (saima [dot] khenissyatgmail [dot] com ())

General Secretary: Sana Mahfoud, Assistant Professor (s_besbesatyahoo [dot] com ())

Treasurer: Mouna Ghedamsi, Assistant Professor (mouna [dot] ghedamsiatgmail [dot] com ())


Anissa Rabhi, Assistant Professor (rabhianissaatgmail [dot] com)

Rim Amami, Assistant Professor (amamirimatgmail [dot] com ())

The Tunisian Women Mathematician's Association is intended for Tunisian women having PhD in Mathematics.

Purposes of the Association:

1. Promote science and mathematics research in Tunisia.

2. Promotion and enhancement of Tunisian women in scientific and mathematic communities.

3. Establish a global network of contacts with mathematician women of different countries to engage Tunisia in scientific projects in the field of fundamental and applied mathematics (finance, statistics, biology, industry, computer sciences ...).

4. Make Mathematics a science opening vector and scientific influence of Tunisia to the rest of the world.

5. Organization of national and international conferences and congresses in Tunisia.


Address of the Association: Residence Al Wouroud, Apt B34, Street Taoufik Al Hakim 2058, Riadh Al Andalus, Ariana, Tunis, Tunisia.

For more information on TWMA, please see https://tunwma.com/