African Women in Mathematics Association

African Women in Mathematics Asssociation (AWMA), is an association whose main aim is to promote women in mathematics in Africa and promote mathematics among young girls and women in Africa. AWMA, a non-profit, international, non-governmental organization was established on  19th July 2013.

 The purposes of AWMA are:

  • To encourage African women to take up and continue their studies in mathematics and to promote mathematics among women.
  • To support African women with or desiring careers in research in mathematics or Mathematics related fields.
  • To provide a meeting place for these women.
  • To foster international scientific communications among African women within and across fields in mathematics.
  • To promote equal opportunity and equal treatment of women and men in the African Mathematical community.
  • To increase access of African women to socio-economic benefits of mathematics.
  • To increase access of African women to grants.
  • To provide mentorship of African female students in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions both at the undergraduate and post graduate levels.
  • To promote participation of AWMA in the development of Africa.
  • To cooperate with groups and organizations with similar goals.
  • To promote cooperation and exchange of ideas in mathematics research and teaching of mathematics.
  • To stimulate communication between women in mathematics in Africa.
  • To organize research seminars and colloquia in mathematics in Africa.
  • To promote visits to Africa of eminent women and men in mathematics from other continents and organize inter-departmental visits and exchange visits.
  • To promote visits to African countries of eminent women and men in mathematics from Africa and African diaspora.
  • To seek and maintain contacts with other mathematics associations within and outside the Africa, provided that the objectives and purposes of such other associations are consistent with the objectives and purposes of the association.
  • To produce a research and information publication and any other publications deemed to be of value in the promotion of the above objectives.
  • To endow prizes and awards in mathematics.
  • To carry out any, do or transact any act, scheme or enterprise calculated to further the objectives of the Association.

Founded in 2013 with twenty five members, AWMA has more than three hundred supporters and coordinators in all five regions of African.  Every other year, AWMA holds a general meeting. A newsletter  will be published at least once a year, AWMA has a website and an e-mail network.

If you want to join us, register here.

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