About women in math

This section has two purposes

1 Meet a woman mathematician

This section offers  a meeting point providing a gallery of portraits of living women mathematicians. Therefore, we invite you to give your own contribution. Such a portrait/presentation could strike as more personal than the one on the official web site.

Please feel free to introduce a woman colleague of yours by providing some biographical notes she had previously given you for this purpose (which can range from a simple anecdote to a more linear account of her life as a mathematician). Ask them to say something about themselves and/or to initiate a discussion on a particular subject. We expect the portrait/presentation of your fellow colleague to be more personal than the one on her official web site.

If you wish to contribute, as an introduction to the biographical data you wish to present, we would kindly ask you to write a few lines about yourself and tell us where you work and in what field of research, how you met this woman colleague of yours, and why you felt like introducing her on this web site.

2 Reports on women in mathematics

Present a collection or report, various documents and links. Please use Contact us for suggestions of more reports and documents.