May 12, 2023 at the Tunisian Women Mathematicians Association (TWMA)


The Tunisian Women Mathematicians Association (TWMA) is organizing a scientific event in celebration of May 12th. The "Colloquium on Fundamental and Applied Mathematics" will take place at the Faculty of Sciences of Tunis (FST) on Friday, May 12, 2023, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The event is being held with the support of Tunis El Manar University and the Faculty of Sciences of Tunis and will take place at "FST, Département mathématiques, Salle des thèses".

May 12 program:

09h00-09h30 : Opening by TWMA Tunisian Women Mathematicians' Association Celebrating Women in Mathematics, May 12, 5th Edition. 09h30-12h00 :

Faiza Fourati (Tunis El Manar university) Mesures orbitales, splines, et transformation de Markov-Krein

Marwa Mastouri (Carthage University) A New Class of q-Sturm-Liouville Problem and Their Symmetric q-Orthogonal Polynomial Solutions

Ben rezek Mahjouba (Carthage University) New results on impulsive type inertial bidirectional associative memory neural networks

Farid Touati (Carthage University) Global Dissipativity of Inertial Neural Networks under Fussiness Effect and Proportional Delays.

Hedienne Jallouli (Carthage University) New results on stabilization of complex-valued second-order neural networks with mixed delays. Farah Dridi (Carthage University) Weighted pseudo almost automorphic solutions for neutral type fuzzy cellular neural networks.

Yosra Soussi (Tunis El Manar university) Inverse problems for a Schrödinger equation defined in an unbounded domain

12h00-13h30 : Break

13h30-16h00 :

Ons Oueslati (Tunis El Manar university) Inégalité de Sobolev en analyse temps-fréquence

Khouloud Abid Baklouti (Sfax University) Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle for Gabor Transform on nilpotent Lie Groups.

Imen Rezgui (Carthage University) Generalized q-Bessel Type Wavelet

Wafa Djobbi (Carthage University) Some inequalities for the continuous wavelet transform related to the Weinstein operator.

Chahiba Khlifi (Carthage University) Linear and nonlinear Bessel potentials associated with the Poly-axially operator

Nesrin Yousfi (Tunis El Manar university) Versions $L^ p$ du Principe d’Incertitude associée à la Transformation de Bessel-Struve.

Rahma Chbeb (Carthage University) Calder´on’s reproducing formulas for the Poly-axially L_α^2-multiplier operators.

16h00 : Closure