AWMA virtual seminar n°2

AWMA virtual seminar n°2

The speaker, Carolina Araujo is full researcher at IMPA (Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Simons Associate at ICTP. She is member of IMU’s Committee for Women in Mathematics (CWM) and organizer of the (WM)^2 – World Meeting for Women in Mathematics 2018. She was also an invited speaker at ICM 2018.  Araujo won the L'Oreal Award for Women in Science in Brazil in 2008 and the 2020 Ramanujan Prize from the International Centre for Theoretical Phisics (ICTP). She is specializing in algebraic geometry, including birational geometry, Fano varieties and foliations.

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Date Thersday,  November 05, 2020
Time 15 :00-16:00 (UTC)
Speaker Prof. Carolina Araujo
Affiliation  Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IMPA)
Domain Algebraic Geometry
Title The geometry of tensors
Abstract Tensors are fundamental objects in multilinear algebra, with important applications to computability and complexity of algorithms, algebraic statistics, phylogenetics, signal processing, among many others. In applications, one is usually interested in decomposing a given tensor into a linear combination of indecomposable tensors. The smallest integer r needed to write a tensor T as a linear combination of r indecomposable tensors is called the rank of T. The problem of determining the rank of a given tensor has received great attention in recent years, and admits a beautiful geometric interpretation. In this talk, I will introduce tensors and explain some of their applications, and will interpret the problem of tensor decomposition from the point of view of Algebraic Geometry. In particular, I will present new results on ranks of tensors, in collaboration with Alex Massarenti and Rick Rischter.



Thursday, November 5, 2020