AWMA virtual seminar n°16

The speaker,  Prof. Entisar Alrasheed Sidahmed is Associate professor of mathematics , at university of Bahri (Khartoum –Sudan), College of Computer Science and Mathematics , Department of Mathematics. Her research area and interests are stochastic analysis, stochastic modeling and stochastic differential equations. She has 16 published scientific papers in international peer reviewed journals and 2 in local journals with the majority of them in stochastic field and the rest in different topics in mathematics.

She is a member of Editorial board in three local Journals and in one international journal (Journal of Applied and Industrial Sciences ( JAIS).

She participated in about 12 local workshops and seminars in different areas of mathematics and in four regional workshops two of them concerning with the applications of stochastic analysis held at AIMS Ghana, the others were organized by AWMA in Cameroon and Ethiopia. She is member in Sudanese Mathematical Society (SMS) and in AWMA association currently she is Vice-president of AWMA (Eastern Region)     



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Date Wednesday  July 20, 2022
Time 14:00-15:00 (UTC)
Speaker Prof. Entissar Alrasheed Sidhamed
Affiliation University of Bahri (Karthoum-Sudan)
Domain Stochastic Differential Equation
Title  Study on Geometric Brownian Motion with applications

This talk is about the geometric Brownian motion and its applications throughout the presentation I will present the definition , solution and some properties of geometric Brownian motion and I will show the great role that this equation plays in finance and also in real life.



Wednesday, July 20, 2022