The International Day of Women and Girls in Science, on February 11th, 2022 at TWMA

The Tunisian Women Mathematicians Association, the Cultural Alternative Association, and the Tunisian Sustainable Technologies Association celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, on February 11th, 2022. The thema of this year is :  « Portraits and Perspectives » .
The celebration will take place at the Faculty of sciences of Monastir, Tunisia. It starts at 8h30 am local time and ends at 2h30 pm local time.
The aim is to provide the participants with the opportunity of debating about the issue of employment of young science female researchers. 
The debate will be held in the honorable presence of:
-Professor Faten Ben Abdallah, the Ex-Vice-Rector of the University of Monastir.
- Professor Sana Salah, the current Vice-Rector of the University of Monastir.
- Madame Abir Brahem, the head of the Center of Carrier and Skills Certification, University of Monastir.
Organizing Committee:
# Sonia Dridi: the Treasurer of the Cultural Alternative Association.
# Soumaya Idriss: Active member of the registered office of TWMA.
# Ghazza Masmoudi: Active member of the registered office of the Tunisian Sustainable Technologies Association (ATuTeD)
# Selma Negzaoui: President of the Tunisian Women of Mathematicians Association TWMA.
Note: Due to the current ongoing pandemic, the celebration will be hybrid: both virtuel and presential. The number of present participants is limited to 40, according to the size of the host room. The online participants would be able to follow the event via the link:
Presentations would be in French
Online attendees are very welcome.
On behalf of the organizing committee 
Selma Negzaoui
President of TWMA